Red Pinstripes is a blog dedicated to all things Phillies. From Ed Abbaticchio to Jon Zuber, Whitey (#1) to Wild Thing (#99), and everything in between, we’ll have something to say (though admittedly, there’s not much to say about Abbaticchio or Zuber).

We try to approach things in a way that lend to exciting, interesting and unique conversations. You won’t find the typical play-by-play game summaries here, but rather a look at why things happened, what can be learned from them, and how that might change in the future. We have fun and enjoy the boys of summer as only Philadelphia fans can.

If you countdown the days until Spring Training, if the slightest sign of the sun during the winter causes you to smell that wonderful concoction of leather, fresh-cut grass and hot dogs, if the word “phanatic” doesn’t even begin to describe your love of the Phightins, then “Red Pinstripes” is the place for you.

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